Mark S. Zimmerman
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I Lost...(667 Cubes)
During One Spark 2013 The Temporary Solution set up shop in the Farah and Farah courtyard on Main Street in between Adams and Forsyth. Prior to the event nearly 667 3.5 x 3.5 inch cubes were "lost" all over the Jacksonville, Florida area. Each cube was stamped with the TTS logo, individually numbered and contained all the information necessary to return the cube to The Temporary Solution during the event. The question we are proposing is simple, if the average person were to come in contact with an object that appeared important to be important to someone else, representative of some sort of sentimentality, would that person take the time to return it? Would the average person be kind or chose to ignore this opportunity? TTS will continue to receive cubes as long as people are willing to return them. If you come in contact with one of cubes, please consider reaching out to us.