Mark S. Zimmerman
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Communication Devices
Sentimentality has become a lost ideal. The significance of a secular object, something ephemeral, simply existing in the moment, can contain similar emotions, which are attached to something sacred. Clara Armour was one of the first African-American switchboard operators. Her story is fascinating, and this piece exists in her memory.
An object, action, or even a sound, and definitely a scent can trigger a memory. Whether that memory is positive or negative, simply having a memory is a good thing. When that is gone, what do we have? It is important to remember the good times, and the bad times. The good times are like little weightless trophies, while the bad times teach us a valuable lesson. Remaining optimistic in the face of failure, that gives us character.

Each object within this project exists for the purpose of interaction. To smile, have a laugh, tell a story, new memories can be made. These stories can evolve as the story of Clara Armour grows.

In addition to the objects, the images are of tin can telephones placed within the original structure of a payphone where the payphone no longer exists. The images represent the action played by myself, but the work is not complete until someone chooses to interact and perform the action.

At no point should we stop remembering, our stories can only evolve if we have someone to talk to.