Mark S. Zimmerman
Memorials Safely RemovedEntering Secure LocationPreparation for Archiving.Protecting the Ephemeral-Destiny Nicole DyalProtecting the Ephemeral-Tony SchanelProtecting the Memory-Sybrena Jean ChurchProtecting the Memory-Ricky Lee LawrenceProtecting the Ephemeral-Mr. ZakProtecting the Ephemeral-FioniaProtecting the Ephemeral-Jessy Calvin PittsProtecting the Ephemeral-Roger M. Highcove Jr.Protecting the Ephemeral-Victim UnknownForgotten #1Forgotten #2
Memorial Preservation Unit
Homemade, ephemeral memorials, built in memory of 14 roadside fatalities which took place in St. Louis County, Missouri between mid June 2014 and July 1, 2015. Roadside memorials are illegal and removed from all highways in Missouri. This body of work is meant to stress the need for these object that carry a weight that not one person can bare, to be taken care of and respected.

The inspiration from above has lead my collective, The Temporary Solution, to take it upon ourselves to begin protecting these monuments utilizing a basic museum strategy pertaining to sculptural objects. The hope is that our simple interventions into the landscape will make others aware of the significance and beauty of these objects.