Mark S. Zimmerman
6/29/20156/29/2015 Day 3: 35 reps (36 exposures). 150 feet from top of hill to rock.7/04/20157/04/2015 Day 8: 35 reps (36 exposures) 150 feet from camera to flower pot on slight incline. Attempting to cross flower pot while carrying American flag before shutter releases.07/06/201507/06/2015 Day 10: 35 reps (36 exposures) 135 feet from camera to front door of Paul Artspace running uphill. Attempting to reenter Paul prior to the release of the shutter.07/10/201507/10/2015 Day 14: 35 reps (36 exposures) Similar to day 1. Total 150 feet from camera to pickup truck. Shot at night. Rather than racing the shutter with a 10-second timer. These images were made with a 10-second exposure.07/13/201507/13/2015 Day 17: 35 reps (36 exposures) Similar to day 3, 150 feet from pick-up truck to rock. These images were made at dusk with an 8 sec exposure. At the start the images are slightly overexposed, and during the sequence the light falls and the expos07/15/201507/15/2015 Day 19: 35 reps (36 exposures) 140 feet from camera to tree facing north. These images were made with a ten second timer attempting to hide behind tree prior to the shutter release.07/23/2015 07/23/2015 First attempt away from Paul Artspace
RUN! Preparing to Disappear.
This work is about fear. Not fear itself, but our reaction to fear. The preparation we undertake when attempting to get away, but what are we attempting to escape from? Ourselves? Big brother? Life? Escape is a term defined by the individuals attempting to remove themselves from the world. Escape comes from within. I want to feel that emotion, but my escape is a long ways off. So rather than escape, I will begin preparing to remove myself from images. That is how I define escape. Motivated by the isolation felt at Paul Artspace in Florissant, MO. I feel the opportunity to disappear is as present as it ever has been.