Mark S. Zimmerman
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In a State of Sunshine
Florida is known for its abundance of vacationers and quirky attractions. When you dig deeper in to the state of Florida, the current state of Florida begins to appear slightly less than attractive, yet as beautiful as ever. Sprawl and the housing industry practically destroyed all that this state stood for. So much of this state finds itself as abandoned and deserted as it has ever been. Roadside attractions are empty shacks and grand skyscrapers are boarded up and struggling to avoid the inevitable crumbling that so many have experienced first hand. As Florida returns to what it once was and attempts to grow back in to those big boy pants that represent a certain level of relaxation.

It is easy to find beauty in Florida as it attempts to stand today, but it is far from the Florida the snowbirds desire as they leave behind what it is that makes Florida so attractive.

In this series of photographs titled, In a State of Sunshine, I attempt to find beauty in the landscape that has fallen and attempts to stand back up each day.