Mark S. Zimmerman
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Contemplative State
The world in which we inhabit is surrounded by progression and new development. Strip malls and new construction reside around every corner, where do we turn when we feel the need to stop what we are doing and think, to escape from distraction? Does the sound of traffic and congestion distract us from our thoughts or allow us comfort knowing we are never that far away from reality? Do we yearn for peace and quiet or do we find ourselves afraid to escape? Have we become dependent on convenience? Maybe we can uncover the space in between, the space worth considering, the space that allows us to reconnect with what we desire. A comfortable space between the here and now, the comfortable space between here and there, a contemplative state.

The space between the image and the viewer is a space worth considering. Can a photograph even begin to translate such an experience? It is important to stop and think. Discover the image and what the image stands for. In this series, Contemplative State, the photographic image itself represents that moment worth considering. By capturing the public or often utilized space that can represent or define contemplation we can begin to uncover the truth behind such a simplistic yet complex image. Can these images represent such a place, a private/public space?